Thomasen Safety delivers custom made transformation programmes

Make your company safe – development and implementation of transformation programmes – created to the needs of the company

Thomasen Safetys key deliverable is development end implementation of targeted transformation programme, adapted to the specific needs of  the organisation and the situation of the company. Thomasen Safety supports all phases of the transformation and follows the transformation process throughout implementation

In a typical end-to-end programme, Thomasen Safety will follow the client for 1 – 1½ years.

The company takes ownership of the programme including:

  • Design analysis,
  • On-boarding of leaders end employees
  • Specific coaching
  • Development and implementation of initiatives to accelerate the transformation
  • Performance and progress measurement

Thomasen Safety has 4 goals for our clients

  1. Give our clients maximum effect for minimum investment
  2. Design to the needs of the client
  3. Integration with other strategic and operational activities with the client (e.g.  the digital transformation)
  4. Ownership with the client

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