Thomasen Safety was advisory to Metroselskabet when they kicked off their journey towards a higher safety level – Their accident frequency’s been reduced to one third

Thomasen Safety helped Metroselskabet to step change safety performance

Metroselskabet reduced their accident frequency

Jakob Thomasen supported in 2017-18 Metroselskabet with leadership consulting on safety culture and coaching in connection with the development of their safety strategy. The target was a significant reduction of the accident frequency.

Metroselskabet states: “We wanted to learn from experience in the offshore industry with developing a strong safety culture and attain noticeable results. Today our approach to safety culture spans all the phases of the construction process and al levels of the organisation – including our suppliers and contractors.”

The accident frequency dropped to one third

Metroselskabet states at its website:  In 2017 the accident frequency at the Cityringen project was on average 15.9 per million man-hours. In 2018 it had dropped to 5.4.

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